Terms of Participation

Terms & Conditons for the Lufthansa Upgrade Lottery

The organizer of this sweepstake is Deutsche Lufthansa AG („Lufthansa“).

By entering the sweepstake the participant agrees to the following terms and conditions.

1. Sweepstake period and entry deadline

The sweepstake starts on 01/12/2017 and ends at 02/11/2017 (“sweepstake period”). Entry is open to customers of Lufthansa who have booked a flight in Economy or Premium Economy Class on with departure from Austria or Munich with residence in Austria. The sweepstake is entered into by clicking on the registration link for the Upgrade Lottery, which will show up right after the booking is completed, and by filling out and submitting the registration form with their name, email address, postcode and country.

Entry deadline is the booking date on on 01/12/2017.

2. Eligibility of participation

The sweepstake is open to all persons age 18 years or older who have booked a flight on,, and in the given sweepstake period (“Participants”). Children and young adults have to be registered by their legal guardian for participation. Employees of the Lufthansa Group and all those responsible for organizing and/or carrying out the sweepstake, including their respective relatives, are prohibited from entering the sweepstake. In the case of violation of the terms and conditions Lufthansa reserves the right to exclude the persons involved from the sweepstake. In such cases, winnings can subsequently be denied and reclaimed, if necessary. The participation is free of charge. Expenses for internet connection etc. have to be borne by the Participant respectively. 

3. Submission and utilization of personal data

The Participant is responsible for the accuracy of the submitted contact details. All personal data have to correspond to the truth.

By Participating the Participant agrees to Lufthansa saving the personal data they have submitted for the purposes of organizing and carrying out the sweepstake. Every Participant has the right to revoke his participation for the sweepstake at any time.

4. Upgrade

4.1. There has to be a minimum of five calendar days between booking and the following necessary registration and departure.

4.2. An upgrade is only possible for the next higher cabin class and only up to Business Class. Upgrades to First Class are excluded. An upgrade is only possible in case there are sufficient seats in the respective cabin class.

4.3. An upgrade is only possible for Lufthansa operated flights. Codeshare connections or flights operated by other airlines bookable on and are excluded.

4.4. The flight booking has to be made on in January 2017. The point of commencement has to be Munich, Germany (with residence in Austria) or Austria.

4.5. With each booking the Participant can only participate at the upgrade lottery once.

5. Rebookings in case of won upgrades

In case of a rebooking or cancellation the original tariff conditions are applied. The upgrade can only be offered for confirmed bookings. In case of rebooking or cancelation, the original booking class rules applies and the prize of the upgrade will be lost.

6. Notification of prize winners

The winners are contacted via email and receive the booking confirmation for the upgrade with this email.

7. Liability


Lufthansa and Lufthansa Holidays constantly strives to provide correct and actual information. Despite of great diligence no liability is given for the accuracy and completeness of the here displayed content and/or the terms and conditions. No liability is assumed for any damage, including consequential damages that arise from the participation in the sweepstake, usage of published information on this website, content, potential software errors, viruses, interruptions of the sweepstake due to technical incidents and possible data losses, is excluded, as long as Lufthansa, Lufthansa Holidays or their vicarious agents should be culpable of gross negligence or intent and in the event of damage for life or health caused by grossly negligent violation of duty of Lufthansa, Lufthansa Holidays or any vicarious agent. In case of simple negligent violations of important contract duties the liability of Lufthansa and Lufthansa Holidays is limited on the typical predictable damage. Important contract duties are the ones the agreement partner highly relies on and its fulfillment is essential for the purpose of the contract. Any liability beyond those mentioned above is excluded. Defence of contributory default by the Participant is applicable by Lufthansa. Prominent liability limitations are also valid for the personal liability of organs, employees and vicarious agents of Lufthansa and Lufthansa Holidays.


The disclaimer mentioned in 6.1. is also valid for any kind of damage, including consequential damages, that arise from the usage of content published by third party websites.


Lufthansa reserves the right to make changes to these terms of participation at any time for any reason without prior notice in case it is necessary for a correct execution of the sweepstake.

8. Common provisions

In case individual provisions of these terms of participation are invalid or will be invalid other provisions of the terms of participation are not affected. These terms and conditions and all legal relations between the Participants, Lufthansa Holidays and Lufthansa are solely governed by German law.